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Ezi-action® Water Well Pump | Hand Well Pump Solutions

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The technology was first developed as a village pump to draw water from shallow wells on the Pacific island of Tonga. Now with threaded connection in a kitset package. 10 to 88ft pumping depth.
20 Minutes to install, 20 minutes to service if ever needed.

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Ezi-action® BILGE / KAYAK PUMP

The Kayak Pump belongs to the Ezi-action® Marine Pump range. Utilising the pump's non-friction pumping principle, the Kayak pump has made emptying splash water from Kayaks a simple one handed operation.



  • Lightweight, reliable, and bouyant the Kayak Pump takes the burden out of emptying spill water from kayaks and canoes.
  • The Marine Pump is a very effective hand bilge pump for all small boats.
  • Two size options ( Small - 400mm and Large -620mm).
  • Supplied with a detachable, flexible hose (400mm).
  • Easy grip ball handle ensures easy storage and easy access - no catching the handle on loose bungy cords in Kayaks or Canoes.

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Ezi-action® TANK PUMPS
Hand Pumping Solution for Tanks and Totes

  • Food grade polypropylene construction
  • Maximum depth neck to bottom: 2.5metre
  • Depth can be customized to suit the tank
  • Available with Ezi-action Adaptor fitting to provide secure fit
  • 24Month Warranty
  • Service Kits Available

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Hand pumping solutions for any sized container with an opening 45mm or greater are available. Our smallest Ezi-action® customised hand pump is the Ezi-action® 25/5-400 with an overall length of 400mm. It will fit a 5l (1 gallon) container with the correct size opening. Our largest Ezi-action® Customised Hand Pump is the Ezi-action® Tank Pump with an overall length of 2680mm.