Magnetic Agitators

Invisible but essential for an efficient and powerful mixing process, ZETA magnetically-driven agitators are designed and manufactured to meet and exceed the exacting and exceptional high expectations and specifications of our client base at all times.

ZETA magnetic agitators play central role in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food industries sectors. The services ZETA provide include design calculations for the specific process as well as CFD simulations for critical mixing applications. In our research centre we also carry out mixing tests for customer-specific applications so as to arrive at a precisely optimized equipment design.

Magnetic Agitators for XXL Bioreactors!!

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ZETA Features & Services

ZETA has been an innovative partner in pharmaceutical mixing processes for more than 25 years.

What makes ZETA solutions unique:

  • Mag drive to replace shaft-driven systems with mechanical seals – sealless design

  • Open design (large gap between rotor and drive shell) – Bug free and clean design

  • Drive shell construction (weld-in or plug-in variants) – Offering clients flexibility

  • Research centre to solve difficult mixing tasks – we optimise mixing tasks to produce high product yield results


Customer Benefits

  • Smooth power transmission
  • Up to 50,000L vessel capacity
  • Design optimized for CIP/SIP


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AMRZETA Top-Mounted Agitators AMR.

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ZETA Bottom-Mounted Agitators BMRT

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The ZETA top-mounted agitator, having an integrated drive shell vent takes the conventional magnetic agitator technology one step further. Although it avoids the disadvantages of conventional agitators with mechanical seals, this agitator has a similar configuration so that almost any shape of mixing impeller can be used. The hermetic closure of the vessel is essential for sensitive sterile processes with long residence times in the vessel.

The ZETA Impeller is the first choice for even distribution of temperature and concentration gradients in aqueous solutions. It is characterized by the fact that it draws in liquid from above and drives it outwards in a predominantly radial pattern. Using an off-centre installation, it produces a vortex that facilitates the mixing of soluble and insoluble solids into the liquid, without the need to install baffles. The drive shell of a ZETA magnetic agitator forms part of the weld plate and thereby guarantees absolute hermetic separation of the inside of the vessel from the outside.

To help protect sterility, we have made the gap between the impeller and the drive shell as big as possible – up to 7 mm. The open design of the impeller enables problem-free CIP and SIP of the agitator. ZETA experts assist with the selection of the right agitator for the specific process, the choice of drive and the use of either a weld-plate or plug-in version of the drive shell.



Bottom-Mounted Agitators for Bioreactors BMRF

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ZETA Container Magnetic Agitators CMRT

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Bioreactors with bottom-mounted agitators keep processes sterile over long periods, so that contamination risks typically associated with shaft-driven agitators having mechanical seals where the shaft penetrates the reactor vessel are a thing of the past. Mounting the agitator at the bottom of the reactor furthermore creates space in the lid for sensor and pipe inserts such that process equipment can be best configured for the process. A sliding hub in sterile design which comprises several O-ring-seals preciously positioned in the right places allows the impeller blades to be adjusted to the ideal height.

Under the guidance of the scientific community and in co-operation with Technical University Hamburg-Harburg and Boehringer Ingelheim the the performance and readiness for market of the ZETA BMRF bottom-mounted magnetic agitator for large bioreactors with a working volume of 15 m has been proofed.

The results obtained from the experiments show that the new agitator model for bioreactors is suitable for use in reactors up to 30,000 L.

CMRT is an innovative agitator solution from ZETA.

The ZETA Container Magnetic Agitators have the advantage that there is no connection between the aseptic space inside the reusable container and the outside, because the power transmission to the agitator rotor is done by a friction-free magnetic drive. This excludes the possibility of a contamination of the product.

Advantages of the Container Magnetic Agitator over shaft-driven agitators with mechanical seals:

  • Almost maintenance-free
  • In aseptic applications, the possibility of microbiological contamination is excluded, because there is no shaft penetration of the vessel.

ZETA applies this magnetic agitator technology successfully to meet the following challenges:

  • Maintaining homogeneous mixing in the container during draining or from beginning to end of the filling process.

  • Homogeneous filling of clean label products without stabilisers or emulsifiers

  • Hygienic design enables easy cleaning and sterilisation

  • High process reliability in aseptic operations

  • Reduction of storage costs (containers are stackable with agitator rotor inside)