Aiming to Challenge Through Solving Customer's Problem.

Yodogawa Hu-Tech was established in 1964 when the Tokyo Olympic Games were held. Starting from fluororesin mold-forming, we have developed into the multidiscipline engineering company in manufacturing various fluororesin-related products and production equipment through providing practical solutions to customer’s technical challenges.

Under the globalization in recent years, the actual nature as a company has been of increasing significance. Yodogawa Hu-Tech has gained the enhanced confidence and appreciation of customers with our behavioral abilities to respond to their various needs. Taking our expertise and technological advantages, we aim to maintain a continuous growth in global markets.


Product market segments

Fluororesins and super engineering plastic resins have high levels of the various excellent characteristics, required for semiconductor manufacturing, which cannot be provided by substitute materials. Yodogawa Hu-Tec fabricates these resins into various product shapes and supplies them to semiconductor manufacturers.

In order to meet needs for higher-purity chemical solutions intended for use in the electronic industry, we offer products intended to achieve "cleanliness" by taking thorough measures in all aspects from the selection of base materials to the manufacturing environment and cleaning process.

Excellent anticorrosion characteristics essential for chemical plants can be obtained.
We have a variety of high-quality products for transporting and transferring great quantities of chemical solutions.

Fluororesins, which have excellent chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, oxidizing agents, organic solvents and other chemicals, are suitable for used in peripheral equipment items for medical treatment, physicochemical experiments and analysis. In particular, the demand for fluororesins for use in biotechnological equipment and medical analyzing apparatus has been incre asing remarkably.

The superior characteristics of fluororesins conquer the severe circumstances of mechatronics, as various structural parts,sliding materials and sealing materials . Fluororesins are suitable for both pneumatic and hydraulic equipment and can be used under a wide range of temperature conditions from -196℃ to +260℃.